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The Columbus Football Club
Our Story

By Joe Cuzzetto

This book is both a personal and historical depiction of the Columbus Football Club since its inception. 

With over 200 pages including hundreds of photos, articles and stories, this hardcover coffee table book simply tells the story of  how this East Vancouver club first inspired the Italian immigrants of the 1950s and 60s and then goes on to unravel the significant impact made on Canadian soccer.   Having won numerous provincial and national championships, the strong influence of the Columbus Alumni continues today to play a pivotal role at both the national and international stage.  My hope is that this story allows you to relive the memories of years past and to discover the club's historical significance in Canadian soccer.   


Columbus FC’s outstanding 68-year old journey has contributed to bringing communities together by promoting the sport’s values across Canada. A big thank-you to all my friends in Vancouver for
their hard work, engagement, and passion which made Columbus FC successful in Canada. —Auguri, Columbus!

Gianni Infantino
FIFA President

A “must read” not only for Columbus F.C.’s glorious history but also for how its name and brand were able to foster both a renewed sense of community and a Canadian soccer legend.

Paolo Canciani
Sports Journalist and Author

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